July 10, 2009 Marathon Training Update

Birthday today.  20 years ago, I would have never imagined running marathons and training for these races this fall.  People often look at me when they hear I signed up for the Oil Creek 100 and they say, “That’s just crazy,” and I have to agree with them.  It is crazy…but I’m doing it.  I have to now since I signed up, paid my money, and told everyone I would…it’s the challenge to see how far I can go physically and mentally…the adrenaline rush…but more importantly, it’s to raise money to help fight cancer.

It forces me to look inside myself.  At times, I wonder what I’m made of…I keep hitting milestones: ran my fastest 1/4 in 1:22 today, Thursday actually, and that was after a set of 800’s, ran my longest day ever at 32 miles, ran my longest week last week at 72 miles.  I feel great inside and out.  I feel so good it makes me wonder what I’m missing…hmmm…

Thursday July 9, 2009

Ran 7×800’s at 3:10 pace with 90 sec rest.  Felt pretty good even with the 80 degree temp.  David ran at 3:00 pace and Don joined us to run at 4:00 pace.  Everyone is running well.

Tuesday July 7, 2009

Ran 19 today, broke it up by running 9 with Rachel, 5 with David who actually showed up late so I was done when he was getting started, lol, and ran 5 with Don.  It was a perfect day for running.  Warm but with a cool breeze and lots of sun.  I just kept wanting to get out there and run more!


About Ernest Lewis

Ernest is owner of E.A. Lewis Consulting where he helps individuals and organizations achieve their personal best! He provides executive and business coaching services including leadership development, team building, continuous improvement, and strategic planning support. Ernest is also a writer, motivational speaker, father of three, and loves to RUN!
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1 Response to July 10, 2009 Marathon Training Update

  1. Rachel Hobson says:

    Happy Birthday Ernie! Also, great job on your training. You are doing fantastic.

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