Coaching with Heart

“Giving high-quality feedback doesn’t have to do with a skill or technique; it has to do with caring enough about people to tell it like it is.” 

-Robert Hargrove, Masterful Coaching

The best coaching comes from the heart.1280_Family%20Of%20Penguins

As does the best sales technique…ask from the heart and the sale will be right.

As does the best leadership…lead from the heart and others will follow.

As does the best relationship…trust your heart to find the one.

As does the best art…

As does a good belly laugh.   :-)


About Ernest Lewis

Ernest is owner of E.A. Lewis Consulting where he helps individuals and organizations achieve their personal best! He provides executive and business coaching services including leadership development, team building, continuous improvement, and strategic planning support. Ernest is also a writer, motivational speaker, father of three, and loves to RUN!
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3 Responses to Coaching with Heart

  1. cranstonholden says:

    Why did the penguin with a speech impediment wash his clothes in tide?

    Because it was too cold out tide!

  2. I fully agree with this statement: “it has to do with caring enough about people to tell it like it is.”

    What amazes me are the people who ask for your input and get upset when you give it. But if they pay someone to say it, those same people are eternally grateful.

    I guess it’s a combination of caring enough to tell them and finding the method for which they will listen best.

    Great blog!

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