Coach Ernie


As owner of E.A. Lewis Consulting, I help individuals and organizations be more successful and achieve their personal best!

I provide executive coaching, business consulting, team building, continuous improvement, leadership development and strategic planning support with proven methods that encourage commitment, creativity, and accountability for long term success!

My knowledge and expertise includes 10 years in the engineering field and over 15 years as a business consultant and executive coach and owner of E.A. Lewis Consulting.  I coach business owners and professionals from large and small organizations and in many different industries.  I also believe in serving the community and do so by working with numerous non-profit organizations and providing advice and expertise in organizational development including 501C3 formation, board development, volunteer recruitment, community relations, fundraising, grant writing, strategic planning, and management and leadership skills.

Personally, I run marathons and ultra-marathons for fun and am an RRCA and NESTA certified Running Coach.  Through Empowered 2 Run, I help individuals reach their personal performance and fitness goals including running 5K races and up.  I am a 3:18 marathoner and have completed 38 marathons including Boston as well as numerous 5K races, half-marathons and ultra-marathons and most recently completed the Oil Creek 100 Trail Run!

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    I wish you all the best in the world

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