Presentations & Workshops

Popular Presentations and Workshops

I Can, I Will, I Am (and the 100 Mile Mindset!)

Discover the simple 3-step process for getting your words right to change your thinking and change your behavior for better results!

  • Learn the simple 3-step process of “I Can, I Will, I Am” that allows you to enable and achieve your goals and dreams
  • Discover the difference between the training mindset and the trusting mindset and why you need to know the difference
  • Find your Mojo that will always take you on the path to success
  • Take your business, your relationships and your life to the next level!

The Easiest Personality Style Tool You Will Ever Use!

Recognize personality styles quickly and easily to better relate with others to close the sale, improve team work, and create stronger relationships!

  • Discover how to connect with your employees and your customers better than ever
  • Manage change more effectively and get everyone in the high performance zone
  • Learn how to be pro-active rather than reactive
  • Understand the best way to not only compete but exceed the competition!

Empowerment for Business Owners!  (This is especially good for women.)

Learn why many business owners don’t achieve the success they want.  Learn the typical Roadblocks to Success and how to deal with them honestly and effectively to achieve your goals and dreams.

  • Discover the common Roadblocks to Success
  • Learn how to bypass the Roadblocks to allow yourself and your team to do your best
  • Manage your business better for productivity, quality, and profitability
  • Energize your business and your life!


The 100 Mile Mindset

Creativity and Problem Solving

Coaching for a High Performance Work Place

Team Building Tools for Supervisors

Situational Leadership

Dealing with Difficult People

The Leader In You

Effective Reward Systems

Managing Projects Successfully

Managing Behavior

Supporting Change and Managing Conflict

Leadership and Respect

Staying Cool Calm and Collected

Critical Thinking

New Work Habits for Success

Thinking Smarter and Working Smarter

Emotional Intelligence for Effective Teamwork

Accountability – Letting Go the Victim Cycle

Time Management – Just Do It Now

Customer Service Excellence and You

Managing Work Place Stress

Humor in the Work Place

Motivating People, Improving Performance

Consequences and the Secrets to Punishment and Rewards





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